Face-to-Face Training

Workforce Skills Support (WSS) do recognise that essential training for workers is still required to keep them safe from workplace hazards, we as a health and safety provider want to support our customers meet other statutory obligations during this epidemic, if you deem that face to face training is required due to practical application on use of equipment’s,  WSS will consult with you on an individual basis to ensure training can be delivered with the safety of all personnel as its highest priority.

Company’s should consider carrying out the classroom-based element of the training to be conducted remotely to reduce the risks, this will reduce unnecessary face to face contact and any practical element can be arranged at a convenient time for individuals.

If face to face training is deemed to be essential, we have laid out control measures which will be reviewed as part of the consultation with the customer:

Primary control measures for face to face training

  • WSS to review if the face to face training is essential or can be avoided. (online training provision may be viable).
  • The classroom must be sanitised before prior to course commencement
  • The tutor will carry out non-contact temperature testing of each delegate prior to course commencement.
  • The tutor will be responsible for cleaning their own equipment.
  • No hand shaking or physical contact will be allowed
  • sanitiser stations will need to be made available to all course attendees and tutor
  • For classroom and practical delivery 2 metre distancing is required between attendees
  • Delegates must wash hands for 20 seconds prior to course commencement and subsequently after and before each session.
  • The tutor will explain the procedures to be followed to reduce coronavirus risk.
  • When using equipment protective gloves will be worn and the equipment will be cleaned prior to any other person handling it.

The consultation process will evaluate additional and site-specific control measures to ensure the wellbeing of all parties, please contact us to review your requirements.

Risk Assessment – On-site Training