Asbestos Awareness Course


Why should I take part in Asbestos Awareness Training?

By law, each employer must ensure that their employees receive the right level of information, instruction and training if it is likely that they will come into contact with asbestos during their work. They are required to ensure that all employees are safe and confident when working in close proximity to asbestos as to not run the risk of endangering themselves or others.

What are the different types of Asbestos Training?

  • Asbestos Awareness (This course)
  • Non-licensable work with asbestos including NNLW
  • Licensable work with asbestos

Will this course give an employee full competency?

The short answer is no. This course aims to provide the basic knowledge and to reduce the risk of any incidents. Further competence and availability are learned over time and and accessed via instructions and assessments.It will through question and answer and a timed invigilated, closed book written examination ensure that a learner has reached the necessary level of understanding. It is recommended. There is no legal requirement to repeat an entire formal awareness refresher training course every 12 months. However some form of refresher should be given, as necessary, to help ensure knowledge of asbestos awareness is maintained.

What is IATP?

IATP or The Independent Asbestos Training Providers is a collection of asbestos training providers who have been audited to ensure that they are competent and compliant with asbestos legislation

Who is Asbestos Awareness Training Suitable For?

The content of this course is designed to provide anyone whose work could foreseeably expose them to asbestos with sufficient knowledge to avoid putting themselves or others at risk, in line with regulatory requirements laid out in Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

The sorts of trades which are affected include:

  • Construction Workers
  • Plasterers
  • Shop Fitters
  • Roofers
  • Gas Fitters
  • Demo Workers

And many more.

Asbestos Awareness Course / Asbestos Awareness Certificate – Overview

This 1/2 day course looks at the types, uses and likely occurrence of asbestos and asbestos containing materials, the correct procedures to follow in an asbestos emergency and how to avoid the risks of asbestos. On successful completion of a multiple choice exam paper candidates receive a Workforce Skills Support IATP accredited certificate. Recognised under the Certificate of Competence of Demolition Operatives (CCDO) card scheme.

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