CPCS Hoist Operator – CPCS Hoist

TypeExperienced & Novice

CPCS Hoist Operator Course Aims

To provide thorough practical and theoretical construction plant training in operating a mechanical hoist. This will enable the candidate to competently and safely carry out the role and pass the CPCS Hoist training course Theory and Practical Tests.

Course Content of CPCS Hoist Operator

On completion of the Hoist training course, candidates will be able to:

  • Describe the nature of this sector of industry and their role and responsibilities as a plant/equipment operator.
  • Name and explain the purpose of principle hoist components, the basic construction, controls and terminology.
  • Confirm competency in line with the manufacturer’s requirements as per the operators handbook, other types of information source and the relevant regulations and legislation.
  • Check the stability, alignment and all-round safety before use.
  • Ensure that the relevant hoistway protection mechanism is in position before use.
  • Check that all gates and safety devices function according to specification.
  • Undertake all the hoist’s pre-use and on-going running checks.
  • Check the emergency lowering functions.
  • Explain precautions to be taken for overhead services and other construction site hazards.
  • Load and unload materials following official manual handling requirements.
  • Prepare the hoist for the required load(s) and/or passengers.
  • Operate the plant machinery to the limits of operation both loaded and unloaded.
  • Comply with signals and instructions.
  • Explain the hoist’s working limitations.
  • Place the plant equipment in an out-of-service condition, isolate it and secure it.

Duration of Training

To be confirmed on completion of Initial Analysis, dependent on experience.


A: Rack & Pinion Goods

B: Passenger/Goods Combined

C: Rope Operated Goods

D: Transport Platform

CPCS Hoist Operator Test

To achieve the Red CPCS Trained Operator Card candidates must pass both the CSCS touch screen H+S test (within the last 2 years) and the CPCS Theory Test and the Practical Test. 

To upgrade the Red CPCS Trained Operator Card you will have to achieve, within 2 year, the relevant NVQ – For more information on required NVQ contact Tel – 01623 287830

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